In 1987, Gianni Brunelli returned in Montalcino and succeeded in crowning the dream of his family, buying back the old property of his father, “Le Chiuse di Sotto”. In the memory of his father, a small plot of the vines planted by him in 1947 is still conserved. “Le Chiuse di Sotto” is located in the homonymous location northeast of Montalcino. The farm consists of a single body of 5 hectares, of which 2 are cultivated with Sangiovese while the remaining two and a half hectares are cultivated with olive groves, from which we produce our extra virgin olive oil. In the mid 90’s Gianni and Laura, bought Podernovone. Located on the south-eastern slopes of Montalcino, it consists of a 4.5-hectare property planted with Sangiovese and some Merlot since 1997, the former for Brunello and Rosso, the latter for the Amor Costante. Podernovone is made up of four vineyards, Olmo, Oliva, Quercia and Gelso.All technical and administrative aspects of the winery are managed by Laura Brunelli and her team of family and staff.

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