The “Dei” label made its debut on the Italian wine market in 1985, although the Bossona land that gives life to its fine wines has been in the family since 1964, when Alibrando Dei planted his first vineyard in the area known throughout the world as the home of great red wines.
In 1970 the company decided to expand, purchasing the manor house and the Martiena property.
Today the winery is run by Caterina Dei, who continues to carry on the family’s passions and traditions, while looking to the future through the use of increasingly innovative and eco-sustainable production and grape processing techniques.
The vineyards extend for about fifty hectares of the total of one hundred of which the estate is composed, are located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level and are worked according to the method of zoning that provides for the processing of each parcel in a different and meticulous way, so as to go to emphasize the distinctive characteristics of each variety produced.
The methodology applied for the processing and vinification is based on a deep respect for the environment, which is reflected in the choice to use a limited number of processes, organic fertilization, scrupulous grassing techniques and an exclusive use of herbicides such as copper and sulfur to promote the vitality of the soil.
The cellar is the place where tradition and innovation come together to give each room the ideal microclimate and humidity to best enhance the natural flavours of each product. The halls are dedicated to ageing in barriques and oak casks, refining in glass, bottling and packaging.
Among Cantina Dei’s excellent wines are Nobili di Montepulciano and Rosso di Montepulciano.

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