Founded in 1971 by Giovanni Neri, Cantina Casanova di Neri wants to offer a new vision of Brunello di Montalcino, based on the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, understood as respect for nature and its diversity.

Behind every excellent wine there is an in-depth study of the composition of the soil, of the specific grape variety and of the climate to which it is subjected; it is the perfect combination of these factors to obtain a wine with unique qualities and an unprecedented taste.

To experiment with new products, Casanova di Neri has expanded to new sides of Montalcino, in addition to the first vineyard, located in the east, with four other locations that take the name of Cerretalto, Le Cetine, Pietradonice and Podernuovo.

The vineyards of Casanova di Neri extend for 63 hectares, located in 7 different vineyards for the composition of the soil, microclimate, exposure and age of the vines, in which are grown several clones of Sangiovese grosso.

Fiesole, Poderuccio and Podernuovo are located in the east/north-east of Montalcino and are located respectively at 350-380m a.s.l , 380m a.s.l. and 450m a.s.l.; Le Cetine are located  south at 275-320m a.s.l.; Pietradonice south-east at 250-300m a.s.l.; and Cerretalto and Spereta east of the territory “ilcinese”, respectively to 270-290m a.s.l. and 390m a.s.l.

The grapes are harvested manually and transferred to the cellar, an innovative place, almost totally underground, designed to integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment, have a low impact and allow to respect the natural process of grapes through gravity and different levels of structure. The fermentation process takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperature, without the use of pumps; the aging, however, is first inside the oak barrels, then in the bottle before being put on the market.

The productions include: Brunello di Montalcino (di Annata, in the version “Etichetta Bianca”, “Cerretalto”, “Tenuta Nuova”), Cabernet Sauvignon, Rosso di Montalcino and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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