The Reverdito winery in La Morra was established in 2000, and is the point of arrival of a long journey embarked on in the late Sixties by Silvano, the father of owners Michele and his sister Sabina Reverdito. It is the story of the gradual  acquisition of vineyards, which began in 1967 with Bricco Cogni (La Morra municipality), followed by the Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive (Additional Geographical References) Ascheri (La Morra), Badarina (Serralunga d’Alba), Riva Rocca (Verduno municipality), Bricco San Pietro (Monforte d’Alba municipality), La Serra, Castagni , Berri (La Morra municipality), and now amount to 26 hectares under vines located in some of the best known Barolo DOCG appellation municipalities. At the root of everything is a deep love for the land of the Langhe, and the greatest respect for the environment in which we live – two traits that are intensely reflected in the vineyard management choices made by Michele Reverdito. Supported by his friend and consultant agronomist consultant Beppe Vivalda, Michele cultivates his vineyards without the use of invasive chemicals or elements that could pollute the land, the groundwater or the environment.

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