The roots of this brilliant adventure go back to the 1800s, when Ferruccio Biondi Santi planted the first Montalcino vineyard with vines of a selected Sangiovese clone, called Sangiovese Grosso or Brunello: it was the first step towards a new way of making wine that would soon become an international success. Moved by the same curiosity and innovative spirit, his son Tancredi was one of the minds behind the creation of a disciplinary for the DOCG, as well as the first one to introduce the particular custom of topping up the ullage levels of older vintages to improve their longevity. His son Franco, at the helm of the family company for over 43-years, worked hard to further the reputation of Biondi Santi as an international standard-bearer for excellence in winemaking. An extraordinary wine heritage, the fruit of over a century and a half of history now in the capable hands of Franco’s son, Jacopo, who in the spirit of his ancestors has given life to new family of wines combining tradition and innovation.

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