The Cerbaiona winery was founded in 1977 when Diego Molinari and his wife Nora decided to buy an old 17th century villa and start producing wine a few kilometres from Montalcino.

After only four years, Cerbaiona managed to make a name for itself in the Tuscan wine market, thanks also to the territory in which it is located, considered by many as a privileged land for viticulture.

In 2015, the Cerbaiona property was bought by a group of American entrepreneurs led by the wine collector Gary Rieschel, who brought important innovations such as organic viticulture.

The winery extends for thirteen hectares, three of which are planted with vines, located on the north-eastern side of Montalcino. The vineyard is subdivided into three parcels planted in 1978, 1982 and 2000 respectively, with approximately 3,600 vines per hectare.

In the cellar, as in the vineyards, every step is taken to preserve the original flavours of the grapes and the individual terroirs. To guarantee excellent quality standards and elegant wines, the grapes undergo spontaneous fermentation (only indigenous yeasts are used) and the wine is aged for a long time in Slavonian oak barrels.

Among the excellent wines produced by the Cerbaiona farm are: Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino.

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