Established twenty years ago out of the passion for the land and the wine that represents it, Agostina Pieri is a family-run business that has made a name for itself through experimentation and quality raw materials.

In order to always guarantee high quality standards, the farm cannot be visited and only the production activity is carried out inside, which is looked after by the founder’s heirs, Jacopo for the agronomic part and Francesco for the cellar and the production of oil and wine.

Agostina Pieri farm is located in Montalcino and extends over 20 hectares (11 hectares of vineyards and 8 hectares of olive groves). It is characterised by the profound differentiation of its five vineyard fields, which is directly reflected in the aromas and notes of its wines.

The grapes from each field are processed, analysed and stored separately, so that the properties of each vineyard are preserved and their differences are enhanced. If the high quality standards are not met, the wine is downgraded to a normal table wine and analysed for future improvement.

The production process usually involves an initial phase of manual harvesting and crushing, fermentation in temperature-controlled steel tanks, and ageing, consisting of an initial refinement in Slavonian and Tonneaux oak casks and a final one between bottling and marketing.

Among the productions of Agostina Pieri farm we find both the typical wines of the territory such as Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino and Sant’Antimo, and extra virgin olive oil (the latter added to the farm’s portfolio only in 2015).

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