The Villa le Prata winery has always been run by the women of the Losappio family: first Marialuce, flanked by Benedetta and Anna Vittoria, who later bought it with her husband. Even the oenologists who collaborate in the management of the winery are almost always female. The Villa, which is lapped by sea breezes, enjoys a breathtaking view amidst the Brunello vineyards, surrounded by age-old chestnut and cherry trees.

There are four vineyards (Vigna Massimo, Vigna San Prospero, Vigna Le Prata and Vigna del Vescovo) and, thanks to the marked temperature range and altitude, they produce grapes with an excellent phenolic composition and a synthesis of elegant and complex aromas. The morphological conformations of the soils vary: some have a significant clay content, which favours a robust structure and intensity of colour in the wines, as well as olfactory notes of berries and red fruit. Others, with a significant presence of Pliocene pebbles, which release minerals and trace minerals useful to the vines, produce particularly elegant and fragrant wines of moderate structure, aromatic, spicy and complex. At the foot of the Villa’s park is the wine cellar, built in the 1980s by Gennaro Cocciardo, a craftsman from Ischia, who wanted to give it to Professor Losappio, Marialuce’s husband, in recognition of saving his life. A terracotta Madonna was placed on the façade by Cocciardo himself, as a sign of gratitude and devotion for the grace received.

Among the products of excellence are the Brunello di Montalcino “Massimo” (part of a selection of the estate’s best wines, produced only in great vintages and in a very limited number of bottles) and the Brunello di Montalcino “Tirso.

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