Gianni and Giorgio are two brothers who with care and passion have continued to promote the territory, cultivating with their own particular style their vineyards that exude character and culture, in one word “terroir”. Wine culture and the winemakers’ gestures, nature and innovation.
Over time, professionalism, respect for the land and history have become the living substance that has shaped the architecture of the Venica & Venica winery. Every environment effuses a seasoned beauty; the walls breathe memories and every corner reveals stories and thoughts; like the old pantry. The experience of living and surviving is tied to the pantry. Food nourishes us and leads us to each new day. Just like the door that nowadays guards this treasure [Adelchi’s Portal], precious, true to life, bare; it makes us reflect on the precarious situation of the past. Like food to the territory. A door that does not close but invites you to discover a world from which the directions of your future unfold. Walking between these walls is like affecting your sentiment, feeling your breath, embracing the emotional fabric to renew memories and remembrances at every moment.

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