The story of Scopone begins in the nineteenth century when the farm was the residence of several families of farmers who worked the lands of the Property.
During World War II, Scopone became a refuge for evacuated people and even today the elders of the village of Montalcino fondly remember the place that hosted them in one of the darkest moments of the History of our Country. After the war, there have been several owners until 1992, when the Genazzani family, looking for a house in the countryside, acquired the farmhouse and grounds (40 hectares).
In 1993 the legendary Settimio Dinetti, who was born and raised among the vineyards of Montalcino, and caretaker of the Property, made ​​with hands (and feet!) some young wine from the only one old vineyard that Scopone had at the time, and offered a 50 liter demijohn to the Genazzani family. That simple wine was so good that during a dinner with a group of friends, the 50 liters disappeared in a flash. Thus was born the idea of transforming Scopone in a winery. The Genazzani spouses rearranged the old vineyard and in 1997 the first vintage took place : a great success! The oenologist Giacomo Tachis, longtime friend of the Genazzani family, saw great potential in that simple wine and following his advice, Scopone was born. In the years new vineyards and a winery have been built in order to follow the whole process of winemaking and aging closely. Today, still, the winery is run with passion and love by the family, first and foremost by Theresia, assisted by her husband Andrea and their children Vanni, David, Nurit and Sarah.
The name “Scopone” is the original name of the Property, which was so named by locals because of the thick “Scopi” bushes that inhabit its 20 hectares of forest which were used to produce brooms, “scope” in Italian.

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