The history of Cantina Le Macioche started in the 1980s thanks to the initiative of the Mazzocchi Family who with passion decided to create this reality. Winery takes its name from the “macioca”, that in the Sienese dialect indicates the root of the strawberry tree and that constitutes the woods that embrace the Estate. The company covers a total area of about 6 hectares of which 3 are classified as Brunello. The land is located at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level, with a South / South West orientation. The company is divided into four small bodies of vineyard. The vines were planted in the early ’80s and then old enough to give grapes and wines with great intensity and at the same time tasty and basically “red”: alive. The location of the company at 450 meters above sea level, its particular exposure from south-east to south-west and its land characterized by a good supply of clay, but still very rich in skeleton due to the presence of galestro rocks emerging, create the right conditions to promote drainage and deepening of the roots as well as their ability to sustain the grapes even in tendrils that tend to be dry. The balance created by exposure, altitude and soil type, gives the Sangiovese and Brunello grapes, that particular characterization that allows the full expression of red fruits, the vibration of tannin and the slight acidity characterization. In short, an absolutely unique identity We talk about a wine defined as “red”, intended as mature and not over ripe, vibrant in tannin, but at the same time available and faintly “light”. So we think we have found in this territory the ideal conditions to produce a wine that has a very long history, but at the same time can be identified with a “modern” style both for balance and intensity.

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